Serena Williams plans January return

Clearly this is an incredibly ambitious target but it would be somewhat foolish to cast any doubt whatsoever on the 23-time grand slam singles champion, not least because she won the Aussie Open at the start of this year, whilst pregnant.

The younger of the two Williams sisters has been talking to Vogue magazine.

“It’s the most outrageous plan [returning so soon after childbirth in Melbourne]. I just want to put that out there,” she said. “It will be, like, three months after I give birth. I am not walking anything back, but I am just saying it is pretty intense.”

Williams would not be the first player to make a successful return after pregnancy.

Kim Clijsters retired abruptly at 23, having won the US Open in 2005; returning after 28 months to triumph once again in New York City. It was only Clijsters’ third tournament back after the birth of her daughter.

“If I lose, and I lose again, it is, like, she is done”, said Williams. “Especially since I am not 20-years-old. I will tell you this much: I will not win less. Either I win, or I do not play.”

The next Australian Open starts on 15 January 2018.

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