President Hollande’s staggering hair fare revealed

According to the satirical weekly, the short term employment contract of the president’s personal hairdresser, identified as Oliver B. was signed on May 16, 2012 by the then Chief of Staff of the Elysée, Sylvie Hubac.

The paper adds that as per the contract, Oliver B. had been recruited as contract staff for the duration of Hollande’s five year term till April 2017 and that his five years of service amounts to a cumulative gross pay of 593,700 euros.

And that’s not all. The weekly states that hairdresser also receives residence allowances and other family benefits.

Le Canard mentions that as per the contract, Oliver B. follows the president on most of his trips and “is committed to maintaining the utmost secrecy, during and after the completion of his contract, on the work he has done and the information he has had access to.”

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