Macron’s new party announces online projects and European march

Some 3,000 members of the new party met in Paris on Saturday to discuss proposals culled from a consultation with the whole membership in June.

They came up with six projects they aim to tackle in the coming months:

  • “Citizen training”: Free online training will be available to anyone who wants it on subjects such as revitalising France’s deserted villages and setting up a cooperative;

  • A members’ social network: An online platform to put members in touch with each other and allow them to become aware of each others’ skills and work together;

  • A “local facilitators’ network”: Neighbourhoods with social problems and neglected rural areas will be encouraged to take local initiatives to tackle their problems, with a pilot scheme in 10 areas starting in the autumn;

  • An “ideas workshop”: Judging that the traditional parties no longer come up with or encourage new ideas, LREM will invite members of the public to submit ideas and participate in experiments;

  • “Citizen consultation exercises”: LREM will set up “points of contact” and “kiosks” so as to develop consultation with the public;

  • A “great European march”: With European parliamentary elections due in 2019, LREM plans to launch a march to highlight the “main concerns of European citizens”, leading to “European democratic conventions”.

Macron’s election victory over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen was greeted as a sign that the tide of Euroscepticism was turning.

But he wants to reform the bloc and has proposed a eurozone budget, finance minister and parliament.

LREM’s proposals for online activity echo the government’s enthusiasm for new technology and startup culture, as well as Macron’s apparent desire to develop contact through social media rather than through traditional news outlets.

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