French press review 30 August 2017

First Kim Jong-Un’s posture of defiance to continue his nuclear program despite a stern warning from the UN Security Council to stop it.

Le Parisien reports that after Tuesday’s firing of a Hwasong-12 intermediate-range missile, Pyongyang has promised more missile flights, calling the latest a mere “curtain-raiser”. The paper describes Tuesday’s missile test North Korea’s most daring provocation witnessed for a long time.

According to Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, it was clear from the start, that the lull observed over the past weeks was not going to last. The paper says it was just a respite and not a truce, which is why Kim, locked for a long time in an arm-twisting bout with Washington, was unlikely to back down.

For Le Journal de la Haute-Marne, in a confrontation such as this, where it is hard to detect a rational approach, few experts are capable of predicting the next provocative step the Pyongyang strongman is capable of taking.

The paper says the tensions are likely to cause even further anxiety, considering the erratic character of America’s current leader Donald Trump towards the North Korean “megalomaniac”.


The monster storm Harvey lashing the southern coast of Texas and the unprecedented flooding which has left tens of thousands of people needing emergency housing also shares front-page prominence in today’s newspapers.

Le Parisien offers a photographic coverage of the scenes of despair and suffering taking place in Houston, America’s fourth largest city in which some 6 million people are affected overall by the floods.

The paper says that in the country where a polarising Presidential election and a swirl of controversies such as the attack on antiracism protesters by white supremacist in Charlottesville which   highlighted their deep divides, Americans have embraced the Texas floods as a rare opportunity to pull together as one.


President Emmanuel Macron’s diplomacy comes under the spotlight after he named the fight against terrorism as his government’s top foreign policy priority.

Addressing some 200 French ambassadors gathered in Paris for their annual workshop, Macron said “there was no place for naivety, nor for fear of Islam that confuses Islamism and Islamic”.

Le Figaro congratulates the President for finding the right words in designating the enemy, but underlines it was a little regrettable to hear him talk about assuming the objective as if it was not obvious.

For its part, L’Humanité deplores Macron’s decision to go after Venezuela which he branded as a dictatorship, copying Donald Trump in the words of the Communist paper.

According to l’Huma, it is not in Caracas but in Istanbul that 160 journalists have been thrown into prison and where tens and thousands of suspected opposition members have been dismissed from the public service and where Kurds have been massacred in recent years.

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