French press review 25 March 2016

Le Monde

There are renewed reflections on what the future holds for Europe, after Tuesday’s terrorist attacks. Its funeral time in Belgium headlines Le Monde.

The paper captured the moment  at the Place de la Bourse in Brussels Thursday where police officers joined large crowds who trooped to the quare to observe a moment of silence for the 31 people killed and 270 wounded.

Its the entire European model which is at stake, warns the newspaper. The comment comes after US Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton blamed the tragedy on a Europeans’ lack of cordination.

Le Monde also highlights harsh criticism coming from the leaders of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Solvakia who are linking terrorism to the migration crisis.

The paper has a grim reminder. Abdelhamid Abaoud the suspected leader of the Paris suicide bombers killed during the raid on his Saint Denis appartment said before dying that 90 terrorists sneaked into Europe during the autumn of 2015 disguised as immigrants.

As France and Belgium make-up after the tense exchanges over the attacks, there is a line from the French Prime Minister that the dailies are running with this Friday.

“We closed our eyes everywhere in Europe and also in France while extremist ideas blossomed”.


Today’s Libération looks at a doomsday scenario that that has Belgian anti-terrorist expertsscratching thier heads – the likelihood that the terrorist cell which organized the Brussels and Paris attacks probably intended to exploit flaws in the country’s nuclear plants.

According to the paper, in 2013, an engineer working at the Doel 4 reactor was fired for being radicalized and one year later a turbine at the same plant was sabotaged, a matter which is still being investigated.

The left-leaning newspaper beleives it is such falures which led the interior and justice ministers to tender in their resignations which Prime Minister Charles Michel subsequently turned down.

Le Figaro

Le Figaro is preoccupied by what it calls a looming catastrophe about to break out from Libya where the Islamic State armed group routed in Syria and Iraq is trying to regroup.

According to the paper, their latest ploy is to infiltrate some 800,000 migrants waiting to cross the Mediterranean into Italy just 500 kilometers away. Le Figaro is calling on Europe to act before the ISIS unleashes the doomsday scenario.


Meanwhile, L’Equipe pays  tribute to arguably the greatest footballer of all time, Johan Crujff, who died on Thursday at the age of 68 in Bacelona after a long battle with cancer.

He was the game, the sports daily says . The legendary Dutchman was crowned three times European player of the year  during his time at Ajax Amsterdam.

Crujff won acclaim for revolutionizing the game like no other man in the history of the sport, through his inspiring of total football with the Crujff Turn and for inventing the new Barcelona during his time there as coach.

And the city is indeed in mourning for its genius as l’Equipe posts a photograph of flowers and lolipops laid on a statute outside the Camp Nou Stadium in a tribute to Crujff who was forced to swap cigarettes for sweets after his first heart attack.






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